Barnsley Proves Patriot Voters Will Abandon Establishment Parties—GOP Beware!
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I don't see any sign that the American MSM has reported the March 3 U.K. parliamentary by-election [= special election] in Barnsley, but this is what pro-European Union Labour Member of Parliament Denis McShane wrote in the left wing New Statesman Magazine (so it must be true!):

On Monday [Labour leader] David Miliband warned about the growing subterranean strength of a new politics based on flag, soil, and mono-culturalism. In a poll commissioned by Searchlight 47 per cent of those surveyed wanted a politics based on varying degrees of anti-immigrant, anti-European, and anti-multiculturalist politics. In Barnsley the votes for the BNP and UKIP showed that politics has roots.
The rise of nationalist politics in Barnsley, March 4, 2011,

Labour naturally retained this very safe seat, but the detailed result was disastrous for the Bush-type coalition government led by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. The Conservatives were beaten into third place by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP); its Liberal Democrat partners into fourth place by the much-persecuted British National Party. The total nationalist vote, including the tiny English Democrats, amounted to 20.4% of the total.

McShane writes:

The view that the BNP is on the point of disintegration may be true in terms of the party's internal organisation, Nick Griffin's incoherence, and financial costs following court tussles with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission. But in terms of voting popularity the BNP is still solidly there. So too is UKIP which is becoming as anti-Muslim as it is anti-Europe.
The Barnsley result seems to confirm the result of the January 13 Oldham by-election: nationalist voters will leave the Establishment parties if betrayed enough; in Britain, UKIP may benefit. GOP beware.
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