Chin Stroking Time—When It's Libyans Vs. Africans, Press Can't Find Correct Bias
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From the top story in the LA Times:

Blacks in Libya face beatings by rebels, rights groups say

By David Zucchino

African migrant workers and black Libyans are targeted by fighters who suspect them of being mercenaries hired by Kadafi.

... Across eastern Libya, rebel fighters and their supporters are detaining, intimidating and frequently beating African immigrants and black Libyans, accusing them of fighting as mercenaries on behalf of Kadafi, witnesses and human rights workers say.
I noticed that English-language reporters could quite easily notice the unfairness of the government of Bahrain electing a new people of foreign mercenaries, I guess because both the natives of Bahrain and the immigrants/mercenaries were Arabs or at least Muslims. So, the media's crucial Who?/Whom? sensors don't get tripped.But in Libya, Kaddafi's mercenaries are black immigrants, so that snarls everything up for the American press when attempting to do Who? / Whom? calculations:
  • Kaddafi: Bad
  • Mercenaries: Bad
  • Rebels: Good
  • Immigrants: Good
  • Blacks: Double PlusGood
  • Rebels fighting Kadaffi's immigrant black mercenaries: Does Not Compute!
It's very complicated, isn't it?
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