Sessions on "This Week"!!! Otherwise Sunday Talk Shows Exclusively Pro-Amnesty
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Senator Jeff Sessions: America's Champion

Inspired by Mickey Kaus I looked at Politico’s Sunday talk show tip sheet to see if last week’s pro-Amnesty shut-out is being maintained.

ABC’s This Week deserves great credit: they have scheduled hero Senator Jeff Sessions and Representative Bob Goodlatte (Numbers USA career ranking A+) against Treason Lobby operatives Senator Schumer and Representative Luis Gutierrez (La Raza-Ill).

This Week also broke MSM ranks in February to give Lou Barletta a rare chance to fight 5 Amnesty supporters.

Other than that, the other 7 shows listed by Politico gave only one of 25 slots to a possible Amnesty opponent – Senator Mike Lee of Utah who is appearing on NBC’s Meet The Press – but to debate gun control

Marco Rubio is appearing on a ludicrous six of the shows to hype Amnesty.

In other words except for This Week the shut-out is once again total. The MSM is sending you peasants a message!

On Rubio, Kaus was pleasantly acidic on Thursday

P.P.S.: The search for Marco Rubio’s manhood is now focused on a wooded area near the Maryland border … Rubio’s “triggers” don’t prevent instant legalization, the new “90%” requirement is fake, and his call for “multiple hearings” has been brutally denied by Sen. Patrick Leahy…Rubio keeps losing the fig leaves that are supposed to make amnesty palatable to border-control Republicans. If he still sticks with the Gang of 8 plan, doesn’t it become obvious that he was just posturing? …

90% Bull The Daily Caller 4/11/2013

In my view, the sadly-missed Larry Auster said all that needs to be said about Rubio.

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