Ann Coulter and Grover Norquist Debate Immigration Amnesty on CNBC
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It’s nice to see an energetic discussion about the central issue of saving the country, when at least one of the speakers is knowledgeable (Coulter) and not a traitorous snake, a friend of hostile Islam (Norquist).

Many of the open-borders hacks don’t seem motivated to make sense — perhaps they are arrogantly sure of winning, or just lazy. For example, the evil Grover denied the economic basics of supply and demand, saying, “I really hesitate when I hear conservatives use the rhetoric of the AFL-CIO that more people somehow reduce wages, this is what the unions have been saying for a hundred years.”

On the contrary, the whole reason business wants firehose immigration is because it lowers wages and saves a bundle for those doing the hiring. A recent report from immigration economist George Borjas reinforces that truly basic point.

Then Grover observed, “There used to be three million Americans; we were quite poor. Now there are 300 million Americans; we’re much richer.”

Apparently well known personages can make statements that broadly meaningless on an NBC business show and get no argument.

Also, it was curious for host Larry Kudlow to say that one of the reasons the economy is so weak is the falling labor participation among Americans — hello! Has the fellow not heard of the relation between cause and effect?

People are giving up on the labor market because there are no jobs for them to participate in. Importing additional excess workers from abroad will not create more employment; it would make jobs even more scarce and harder for Americans to find.

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