September Is Hispanic Heritage Month—Let The Protest Marching Begin
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Ah yes...September is Hispanic Heritage Awareness Month and silly me, I almost forgot!

The thing is, living in California it is rather surprising that this ethnic group even needs such an event—the everday goings-on at the local grocery store could easily be mistaken for "Hispanic awareness" festivities.

(In fact, you can find live Mariachi bands playing in the produce departments of several grocers—a truly unnerving experience which I imagine could only be enjoyed by the hearing impaired. I have also seen pinatas set up for the kiddies in the meat department...because everyone knows the only thing which could make shopping with snot-nosed, temper-tantrum throwing children more enjoyable is to give them sugar...and giant sticks to bang around.)

In any event...this year, the forthcoming celebration is to be noted by what else? Protest marches!

Nativo Lopez, director of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, is organizing a pro-illegal immigrant march in Long Beach, CA and well, everywhere else in the nation. Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Dallas and New York...

I think it's brilliant!

What better way to highlight Hispanic Heritage than to focus on the fact that an overwhelming majority of Hispanics in America are here illegally?

Ooh I can just see all those Mexican flags now...and the reconquista signs...and the "AMERICANS GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY" signs —I can hear the si, se puede chant...the crowds speckled with Mechista morons...all those wonderful images of Hispanic Heritage.

Just in time for the elections...

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