Hazleton, PA Sued For Enforcing Immigration Law—There's A Surprise!
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You may recall the wonderful Pennsylvania town of Hazleton which earlier this summer passed a city ordinance designed to stop the mass influx of illegal immigants into this tiny mining community.

Business owners who employed illegal immigrants or property owners who rented apartments (or homes) to illegal immigrants would be hit with a stiff fine. All city business was to be conducted in English...and only in English.

A city council of five (actually four as one member voted against the measure) lead by one very brave Mayor by the name of Lou Barletta, set out to save a town—and interestingly enough, launched a nationwide movement.

Now it seems the city of Hazleton is being sued...not something that should surprise anyone as it certainly does not Mayor Barletta.

Cesar Perales, president and CEO of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, is suing Hazleton on the basis of jurisdiction. According the the Los Angeles Times, [the lawsuit is]arguing principally that the local governments are violating the supremacy clause of the Constitution by attempting to regulate immigration, which is a federal matter." [Pennsylvania town is sued over immigrant ordinance—But other cities have picked up on idea by Ellen Barry, Los Angeles Times August 16, 2006]

From the same article, Barletta makes the point that in spite of the lawsuit, the purpose of the measure is already having a successful impact.

"It's been incredible. We have literally seen people loading up mattresses and furniture and leaving the city en masse," he said. "That was our goal, to have a city of legal immigrants who are all paying taxes. It's already been effective."

So far five other communities have folllowed the Hazleton , PA path and 17 others have started the process.

Why not do the same for your community—a copy of the measure can be found here.

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