Michael Fumento On Nativo Lopez And The Right To Criticize
August 31, 2005, 12:31 AM
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Michael Fumento, who has frequently heaped scorn on amateur bloggers, now has a blog himself.

Check out his response to some hatemail he got recently regarding his recent column on the decline and fall of Nativo Lopez ,[Michael Fumento: A Race-Baiter Falls from Grace] where his correspondent questioned Fumento`s right to criticize black and Hispanic leaders :

I would have thought you`d have gotten the idea from my column criticizing a Hispanic that I don`t subscribe to the notion that it`s forbidden to criticize someone outside your own racial or ethnic group. I am a homo sapien; they are homo sapiens. That is my standing. Those they oppress are human beings; that is my motivation.

The complaint that that whites don`t have the right to criticize black leaders is one that`s never heard in reverse; from Martin Luther King bashing Goldwater and Reagan, to Julian Bond comparing Republicans to terrorists, no one has suggested for forty years that they don`t have the right to criticize someone outside their "own racial or ethnic group."