Senate Passes Indian Green Card Giveaway—Will Trump Veto?
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Previously: Establishment Senator Rick Scott Dooms Indian Green Card Giveaway Bill

While the nation was focused on election challenges and Joe Biden’s cabinet announcements, the Senate unanimously passed one of the most destructive immigration bills in recent memory.

The deceptively-named Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act scraps country caps on migration and allows India to dominate our immigration system. It’s estimated that over 90 percent of professional employment-based visas would go to Indians for the next 10 years under the bill. The Act is heavily touted by the Indian lobby and Big Tech.

The bill’s chief champion was Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who announced the bill’s passage by voice consent Wednesday. The voice consent would have been halted if just one senator had opposed the bill. The bill’s Senate passage has previously been blocked by various senators--including Rand Paul, David Perdue, and most recently Rick Scott--voicing concerns over the bill.

Scott was the last holdout and it was reported  just a few months ago that he wouldn’t budge on his opposition, effectively dooming the bill’s chances. Without a unanimous voice consent vote, the bill would have to be debated on the Senate floor. Curiously, Lee did not want this.

But Sen. Scott was brought on board to support the bill--in spite of the Indian lobby calling him a Klansman--with new amendments. These new amendments supposedly cap the number of H-1B visa holders who can obtain a green card every year and bar Chinese nationals with ties to the Communist Party from qualification for a permanent visa.

None of the immigration hawkish Senators voiced opposition. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz didn’t make a peep. Tom Cotton and David Perdue publicly supported it. It’s very odd that Perdue and Kelly Loeffler didn’t oppose it since they are desperately trying to convince Georgia conservatives to vote for them right now [GOP, Democrats Allow Mike Lee’s Middle Class Replacement Bill to Pass Senate, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, December 2, 2020]. How are they serving the interests of the historic American nation when they fail to oppose its dispossession?

The bill was passed by an overwhelming majority in the House last year and there’s likely nothing that will stop it from reaching President Trump’s desk. Trump can still stop the bill with either an outright veto or a pocket veto. A straight veto would send the bill back to Congress and possibly put some backbone into Republican opposition. It’s likely the bill would have to go through the normal Senate process under a veto, effectively curbing it. Trump could also just not sign it until the legislative sessions ends, which prevents its enactment under his watch.

The GOP demands ordinary Trump voters show up for the Georgia runoffs to stop the Democratic apocalypse. But are Republicans really different if they’re passing the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act?

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