Indian Green Card Giveaway Bill Hits New Snag, Fortunately
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There’s a new push to pass the deceptively-titled Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act in Congress, but one surprising Republican just blocked it: Florida Sen. Rick Scott, a moderate. Scott didn’t block it for the best reasons--he wants the bill to continue allowing in a large number of Hispanic immigrants. But he did say the White House agreed with his skepticism, saying: “I’ve also spoken to the White House, and agree we need more time to study the proposal and to understand its impact on our immigration system”

 [Rick Scott Blocks Mike Lee’s S.386 Outsourcing Bill, Says Trump Admin Wants Closer Scrutiny, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, August 5, 2020].

The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act (S. 386) would eliminate country caps on immigrant visas and allow Indians to receive the vast majority of green cards. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that Indians will receive more than 90 percent of professional employment green cards for the next 10 years under S. 386. The bill’s proponents say the erasure of country caps are needed to clear the immigration backlog. Indians make up the lion’s share of the backlog.

The House of Representatives passed the bill by an overwhelming majority in 2019; only 57 Republicans voted against it.

Whatever his reasons, Scott drew the ire of the Indian lobby. It compared Scott to a Klansman for blocking the bill’s passage. Immigration Voice, an Indian-controlled pressure group that is one primary advocates of the bill, shared an image of Scott in a Klan hood. The tweet said he “will go down in history with segregationists Bull Connor and George Wallace.”


(The tweet has since been deleted.)

Patriotic immigration groups such as Numbers USA and the U.S. Tech Workers lobby are fighting tooth and nail against the bill. But what would really help the effort is if President Trump announces his opposition to it. GOP senators would obviously be less inclined to support it if their commander-in-chief condemned it.


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