Romney's Amnesty Betrayal: One Old Vet Takes Note - But Not Drudge
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The devastating news that Romney has turned into Rick Perry, abandoned his Dream Act stance and apparently intends to support full Amnesty for these invaders was headlined by One Old Vet  Well There You Have It! Romney Says He'll Keep Obama Amnesty Program linking to The Denver Post story Mitt Romney would honor Obama administration's illegal immigrant work permits by Allison Sherry 10/02/2012

One Old Vet then apparently stopped work – normally by this time of the day there are 15 or 20 stories on the site.

An OOV reader commented

Lousy SOB! Now what can we do???

Both responses are perfectly rational. All over the country, Immigration Patriots are wondering: why bother to vote?

Peter Brimelow, who is traveling, hopes to write on this betrayal tonight.

In the meantime, although there are 6000 stories on the subject on Google News, the Drudge Report has not linked to one.


What a surprise.

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