Rick Santorum's "Economic Freedom Agenda" Includes Proposal to "Stop the Surge of Both Illegal and Legal Immigration"
October 16, 2015, 07:50 PM
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Candidate Rick Santorum has an Economic Freedom Agenda on his website, you can see it here.  The Economic Freedom Agenda has eight  sections. The final section is entitled "Stop the Surge of Both Illegal and Legal Immigration".

It includes four specific proposals:

  1. Seal the Mexican border with an American-made wall.
  2. Rescind the Obama-Biden measures that expand and encourage illegal immigration.
  3. Reduce legal immigration by 25% to ensure that Americans get the first shot at new jobs and higher wages.
  4. Veto any legislation aimed at creating amnesty.
These are all good proposals. Of course, we really need a much bigger reduction in legal immigration than 25%, but to most candidates, the very idea of cutting legal immigration is taboo.

Kudos to Rick Santorum for including immigration in his economic plan, because it's a critical factor. And kudos to Santorum for standing up for American workers.