Richard Lynn Stripped Of Emeritus Status For Saying The Same Things That Made Him A Professor In The First Place
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Richard Lynn, until the other day an Emeritus Professor at the University of Ulster, is 88 years old, which is why was  an Emeritus (i. e. semi-retired) Professor. Now the BBC says

Ulster University has withdrawn the emeritus title from psychology professor Richard Lynn.

Prof Lynn taught at UU and some of his work has proved controversial.

He has argued that people from east Asia have a higher average IQ than Europeans and that men have a higher average IQ than women.

The university said it had made its decision "following due process and considering all relevant information".

"Ulster University has withdrawn the emeritus title from Professor Richard Lynn and notified the individual accordingly," it said.

"Professor Richard Lynn does not work for Ulster University nor does he contribute to our research and teaching."

The thing is, he's been arguing that Asians are more intelligent than Europeans since the 1970s—i.e. since before they made him a professor at Ulster University at all. Presumably this research was why they made him a professor.

See “He Kept The Faith”–A Conversation With Richard Lynn and Richard Lynn On A Century of IQ In Britain And The U.S. and Lynn, R. (1977). The intelligence of the Japanese. Bulletin of the British Psychological Society, 30, 69-72.

The superior average intelligence of "people from East Asia"  has been proven repeatedly. Whether women are slightly less intelligent on average than men is still controversial (with real scientists, I mean, not feminists and so on) but Lynn may be winning that argument—once again, with real scientists.

Why did they do this? Well, in February, 2018, the local Students Union, having arrived at university and started reading books, found out about Lynn's research and complained that it was the Current Year, and that Wrongthink must be condemned. The University immediately caved.

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