Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup Up For The Week Ending September 20: A Sardonic "Thank You" To Refugee Contractors, And A Shoutout To!
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Ann Corcoran's Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup is up, for the week ending September 20. It includes a lot of links to grassroots resistance, and a very kind shoutout to us her at
In addition, the website VDARE publishes material almost every day on some aspect of the refugee program in addition to news on immigration generally, so if you are looking for another place for information, visit VDARE.
The roundup:

Here are our Three Top Posts of the last week.

Daily top posts are in the right hand sidebar.  The first below is from 2009!  Go figure! In one of those internet mysteries, this 5-year-old post exploded through social media this past week.

1)Somali ‘youths’ randomly attacking and robbing people in Lewiston, ME

2)Hungarian Catholic Bishop tells Pope he is wrong, not refugees but invaders!

3)UNHCR data confirms it: 75% of the so-called refugees arriving in Europe are MEN  (by the way the UN has changed its data and now says 69% are men, here.)

Go to RRW to read the whole thing, including Ann's sardonic "Thank you!" to the Refugee Industry that's created the huge mess that's been driving traffic to her site
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