Radio Derb Is On The Air: Shakespeare Replaced , Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen, here to download the MP3. Sample:

audrelorde-womenarepowerfulanddangerousStudents at the University of Pennsylvania have removed a portrait of William Shakespeare that had been hanging in one of their halls of residence and replaced it with one of a black lesbian poetess. [Audre Lorde, right]
Head of the college English Department Professor Jed Esty (right) is totally happy with the switch. Quote from him:

We invite everyone to join us in the task of critical thinking about the changing nature of authorship, the history of language, and the political life of symbols.

End quote. [Email him]
The Shakespeare portrait is now in the office of Prof Esty, we are told.
I would be glad to come down there and take it off his hands. It's painful to think of the greatest writer in the English language having to keep company, even just in portraiture, with such gibbering fools.
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