Help Ensure Trump's Triumph Is Only The Beginning
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Dear Reader,

There’s a famous story about President Franklin D. Roosevelt meeting with a group of progressive activists. They told him to pursue a certain political program. After the meeting, FDR supposedly said: “All right, you’ve convinced me. Now go out there and put pressure on me!”

I was reminded of this story when President-Elect Trump recently spoke in Ohio. He urged activists to fight just as hard for his policies as they did to put him in office. After all, what soon to be President Trump believes or doesn’t believe is less important than whether there is sufficient political pressure behind his agenda.

And that’s where — and you — come in.

Ultimately, there is no real “end” to any campaign, except for the loser. There is no sharp point that marks a clear separation between campaigning and governing. Even the most decisive mandate will fade quickly if there is not a concerted effort to constantly lobby and agitate for policies.

Republicans are especially bad about learning this lesson. The story of the conservative movement is, in many ways, the story of electoral triumphs followed by complacency. Republicans are masters at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. And when it comes to immigration, we have to win every single time or lose our country. The stakes are too high and the circumstances are too dire.

So we need to keep the pressure on President Trump, the Republican Party, and the Lying Press. We need to make sure those legions of Red Hats stay on the attack and never get complacent. We need to make sure Trump’s election is only the beginning of the patriotic immigration reform movement, rather than the end.

That’s why we need your help.

The Christmas fundraiser is one of the most important times of the year for us. An operation like takes money to keep the site online, to pay writers and editors, to expand our operations, and to bring you the kind of news and analysis which is driving the debate. And make no mistake, policymakers, journalists, and activists are READING us and acting in response to what we say (even if they are too afraid to admit it sometimes.) has never been as influential or as powerful as it is today.

But ultimately, it can all end tomorrow if we don’t have you. Even with Trump’s election, there are no billionaire sugar daddies like Soros, no major foundations, and no taxpayer grants who are keeping the lights on at the office. We ultimately depend on each one of you. We are all in this together. And we will fight or die, together.

Please give generously with your tax-deductible contribution today. There is nowhere else where each dollar you give will go so far. And with your help, we can ensure the Trump Triumph is only the beginning. With your help, we are just getting started. Please give today – and let’s get our country back.


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