Racist Hate Crime at Florida Atlantic U.: Large, Black Coed Threatens to Murder “10,000 Whites” and White Prof; Attacks White Student and Security
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Guard; MSM Do Damage Control

Note that the Daily News story after the video says nothing about the female’s racist epithets, racist death threats, or instances of racist assault and battery, not to mention keeping her name a secret.

A word to the wise: Download this video on your pc, before it “disappears” from Youtube, which has been heavily censoring black racist material for many months.Thanks to jtpoe1234 and VDARE reader Max Schneiter.


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FAU student snaps during lecture on evolution

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A lecture in a class about evolution sparked a frightening outcry from a female student at Florida Atlantic University.

The unidentified student apparently went off on her professor after students say she received an unsatisfactory answer to a question she asked Professor Steven Kajiura.

The video, which was filmed on a student’s cell phone camera and instantly posted to the Internet, shows the woman screaming uncontrollably and threatening to kill fellow students — and even Kajiura.

“They were talking about natural selection. They were talking about peacocks and how females choose their mates by their most feathers and the woman started asking about how that killed all black people,” one FAU student told WPEC-TV.

While much of the rant is indecipherable in the uploaded videos, the student can be heard telling students, “I will kill the f— out of you,” and pointing to white students and saying, “You, you, you ain’t black.”

In response to an inaudible statement from Kajiura, she screams that she hates evolution and tells her professor, “You are f— sick.”


She continued, “You better shut the f-up before I f— kill you.”

The student also hit a fellow classmate before being escorted out of the room by two FAU staff members.

The woman was escorted off campus by the FAU Police Department and transported to a local hospital where she is being examined, the university said in a statement.

“The health, safety and welfare of FAU students, faculty and staff are of utmost importance,” the statement continued. “To that end, the FAU Police Department and Division of Student Affairs continues to do all it can to ensure a safe environment for the FAU campus community.”

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