A Reader Forwards A Video That WOULD Be A Hate Crime...
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From: Max Schneiter [Email him]

By now it seems pretty likely that you have seen the viral video of a black student at Florida Atlantic University going on a virulently racist tirade and assaulting a white student, if not here is the YouTube video:

Here is the same freakout from another angle.

In my opinion this incident fits the exact textbook description of a Hate Crime. She makes numerous hateful comments toward white people, threatens to kill "thousands of whites", and then strikes a white student in class.

Obviously if the races were reversed a white student would be looking at a hate crime charge with a ten-year prison sentence.

Since the Main Stream Media has a vested interest in keeping this kind of story quiet I was thinking that your wonderful site might be able to "help make some noise" about this gross injustice. If this student is not charged with a hate crime for this blatant act than it would help to illustrate to people exactly how unfair these Hate Crime laws really are.

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