Q: Why Are Jindal And NR Signalling Support For Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration 2015? A: $$$$$$$$$
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H/T One Old Vet

Today we are carrying A Virginia Reader On Bobby Jindal And NATIONAL REVIEW’s Latest Amnesty Trial Balloon, another in an impressive series of astute letters from “Virginia Paleoconservative”.

This develops from my blog The Lowry/Kristol Odd Couple Stunt: What Do They Fear? and I have to say it is a light year more sagacious than the dumb response I dealt with on Thursday in An Angry Reader Wants VDARE.com To Abandon Our "Vendetta" (Actually Contempt) For NATIONAL REVIEW

Virginia Paleoconservative points out that National Review has just carried a covertly pro Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration essay by Bobby Jindal and very reasonably asks

Why would the Governor of Louisiana, a state that ranks 41st in per capita income, propose a measure that would further drive down the wages of the residents of his state, and cause social disruption in a region with many long standing cultures?

It is obvious that Bobby Jindal has come out as being in the same despicable league as Senators Rubio, McCain, Flake, and Graham. His strategy is to repackage their immigration proposal, and implement it in “steps” with the assumption that conservatives are too stupid to notice they are both fundamentally the same.

The question arises is why has the National Review published such a blatantly deceptive trial balloon when it is concurrently attempting to convince its base it is now for a patriotic immigration policy?


Virginia Paleoconservative probably knows the answer to this: as Willie Sutton supposedly said; “That’s where the money is”.

As I noted in GOP Establishment's Jindal Message: No White Men Need Apply 

After the election, Governor Jindal was one of the first to visit the Court of Sheldon Adelson (Governors hold GOP's power By Laura Myers Las Vegas Review-Journal Nov 19, 2012)

Preserving the American nation will not have been on the agenda.

At first glance, the salient characteristic of the 2013 Amnesty/Immigration battle has been the extreme efficiency with which opponents have been kept off the MSM (heard from David Frum recently?).

But really the key factor is the unprecedented amounts of money which have been poured into the struggle by the likes of Adelson, Zuckerberg and the rest. Money talks. That is what Patriots need to grasp. For some reason the house-trained Patriotic Immigration Reform outfits will not showcase this outrage.

The Treason Lobby is buying itself an America of Serfs. If they fail in 2013 they will be back after the next election. National Review is happy to help.

No doubt it is lucrative.

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