A Virginia Reader On Bobby Jindal And NATIONAL REVIEW’s Latest Amnesty Trial Balloon
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The Daily Beast, Who published this picture, really doesn't like Jindal.

Re: Patrick Cleburne’s blog item The Lowry/Kristol Odd Couple Stunt: What Do They Fear?

From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

On the same day of the unexpected joint proclamation of Rich Lowry and Bill Kristol damning the Senate’s 2013 CIR legislation National Review also published a rather disturbing article, Botching Immigration Again (It’s time to get something done) [July 9, 2013]by Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal.

His article, similar to Lowry and Kristol’s, condemns the Senate’s immigration legislation, emphasizing the bill’s size, congressional “pork”, and a multitude of new regulations:

“That’s how you end up with another thousand-page bill full of pork, regulations, and new powers for bureaucrats to manage the economy. This isn’t a solution any more than the last thousand-plus-page bill that President Obama forced on the nation was.”

Jindal then states his own solution for immigration “reform” requires only “three simple (n.b.) steps”:

He first step is a rehash of the “secure the border” trigger that is verified (n.b.) by the Congress and the border state governors. One could only imagine the political pressures and statistical gaming that would be present in this approach. Once that objective is achieved Jindal unleashes his immigration plan that would make the Gang of Eight proud:

The second step is legalization of all except for the criminal baddies. The newly legalized would have to pay fines, learn English, and they eventually could apply for U.S. citizenship. Why does this all sound so familiar?

Jindal’s third step is to open the floodgates for new immigrants from the top to the bottom of the socio-economic spectrum:

“Increase legal immigration, by a lot. Letting folks into our country who want to work, get an education, and improve their lives is good for them and good for us. We should increase legal immigration not only for unskilled laborers, but also for skilled workers from all over the world.”

Why would the Governor of Louisiana, a state that ranks 41st in per capita income, propose a measure that would further drive down the wages of the residents of his state, and cause social disruption in a region with many long standing cultures?

It is obvious that Bobby Jindal has come out as being in the same despicable league as Senators Rubio, McCain, Flake, and Graham. His strategy is to repackage their immigration proposal, and implement it in “steps” with the assumption that conservatives are too stupid to notice they are both fundamentally the same.

The question arises is why has the National Review published such a blatantly deceptive trial balloon when it is concurrently attempting to convince its base it is now for a patriotic immigration policy?

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