Stein Curse Strikes: David Frum Repressed At The Daily Beast
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Then they came for David Frum

Early last month I asked A Frum Flyer: Getting Safe To Question Immigration Enthusiasm In The MSM?

...punditry entrepreneur David Frum has dared to risk his privileged position at The Daily Beast and associated MSM perquisites by writing an immigration-skeptic column. As befits his NeoCon Royalty status, this was then picked up by Real Clear Politics today.

On Monday this question was decisively answered negatively: Frum announced he is ceasing to write for The Daily Beast.

In All Good Things... Jun 3, 2013 Frum alleges

…family and personal matters must claim my attention for some time to come.

I do not believe this. It is sadly true that both David and Danielle Crittenden Frum have lost their fathers in the past few weeks which is indeed a grievous blow. But both were men in their 80s: adults do not collapse under these burdens. Danielle Crittenden apparently continues as international blog editor for The Huffington Post and Frum himself notes

I'll continue to write once a week for, and I'll be glad to talk on TV if asked and if I feel I have something worthwhile to say. I'll continue to post occasional thoughts on Twitter at @davidfrum.

What has happened is another iteration of the Curse of Stein: writing against immigration is hazardous to the professional health of journalists. Remember Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan?

That this is the case is evident from reading what Frum has to say. His column discusses various policy questions but conspicuously barely mentions the still-dominant immigration issue– although he had been writing regularly and well on the question as James Fulford also noted in David Frum On Guestworker "Helot Visas"

But he does say

My thanks to Tina Brown and the Daily Beast team - and especially our brilliant new political director, John Avlon - for the marvelous home they have provided me this past year and a half.

Far from being brilliant, Avlon is a bigoted and hysterical open borders fanatic as Peter Brimelow noted in John P. Avlon's Point-And-Splutter About VDARE.COM. He was trying to push Huntsman on the GOP precisely because of this predilection in 2011.

So it is the familiar story. Frum was dangerous because of his cogent writing on Amnesty and Immigration and no doubt because his housebroken status meant news aggregators like Real Clear Politics might amplify his Daily Beast work.

As Mickey Kaus observed early this year, unprecedented care has been taken with this Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration offensive to repress any dissidence. That and swamping the airwaves with lying ads is second only in importance to the Treason Lobby to bribing Congressmen.

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