Rich Lowry: Singing For His Supper
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National Review's Rich Lowry: "The Money's good!"

Rick Lowry Heard His Master’s Voice today, publishing an exceptionally hysterical and nasty piece on Politico Why Mr. Hagel shouldn't go back to Washington 12/19/12 (judging by the URL the original headline was something about “The Execrable Chuck Hagel” but that must have been too aggressive for Politico’s editors).

This is a violent denunciation of ex-Senator Hagel for not always having been slavishly subservient to Israel. His possible nomination for Secretary of Defense has had predictable consequences as noted by Robert Wright in Chuck Hagel and the Neocon Smear Machine the Atlantic Dec 19 2012 which probably correctly credits Bill Kristol with the key leadership role. In fact the Lowry piece is so far from his usually vacuously bland style that I would not be surprised if some minion of Kristol’s drafted it. has no particular liking for Hagel (NumbersUSA career ranking D-) but does not see that not obeying constantly a foreign state justifies such vitriol.

What activated Lowry, whose main contributions to public debate this year have been preventing race realism emerging in Conservatism Inc-controlled areas by purging John Derbyshire and groveling on Trayvon Martin?

My suggestion is because that is where the money is. This was no doubt the reason for the weird puffing of Jeb Bush early this year. And it is my belief that it has for many years been reason for the repression of immigration discussion at NR going back to the 1997 change of direction by the execrable Bill Buckley.

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