Punishing Obama Critics
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Recently a police officer in Durham, NC was investigated for posting anti-Obama comments on Myspace, even thought the comments were said to not involve a racial slur. [Durham police probe allegations officers made anti-Obama remarks online, November 13, 2008 ] Durham has an African-American mayor, and a Hispanic police chief.

Now a university student in Texas has been kicked off his college football team for posting an anti-Obama comment that apparently did involve a racial slur, although nobody is saying which one, and it's still only a 12 word comment on Facebook. From the Chronicle Of Higher Education:

November 11, 2008

U. of Texas Kicks Football Player Off Team for Anti-Obama Comment on Facebook

A sophomore on the University of Texas football team was dismissed from the squad last week after posting a racially charged comment about President-elect Barack Obama on his Facebook page, The Houston Chronicle reports.

Buck Burnette, a center for the Longhorns, posted the comment on Election Night and was released from the team on November 5. Mr. Burnette said the comment was sent to him from a friend via text message and that he made a poor decision in posting the remark to his Web page.

It appeared under the ”update status” on his Facebook page and read, ”All the hunters gather up, we have a [racial slur] in the White House,” referring to Mr. Obama, the nation’s first black president. Mr. Burnette has since apologized and, in a written statement, called his action a ”terrible decision.”

Longhorn coach Mack Brown said he had warned his players about the dangers of posting personal information on the Internet and called Facebook and other social networking websites ”really dangerous.”

During a Big 12 coaches’ conference call Monday, a survey found many other coaches share Mr. Brown’s concerns. Some universities go as far as to monitor their athletes’ pages, the newspaper reported. At the University of Oklahoma, for instance, the college’s compliance office routinely checks their athlete’s personal profiles.–David DeBolt

The interesting thing is that the commenters at the Chronicle Of Higher Education, which is probably Stuff White People Like #1187, seem delighted with this. One commenter says "I guess you lose your right to make vile public statements if you represent your school on a sports team. Good – that’s the way it should be. After graduation, a player has the rest of his life to be a jerk, but let’s hope young Mr. Buck Burnette has learned an important lesson (about racism, not just about getting caught) and that his apology is sincere."

Well, I think he's at least learned something about "hate."

And the next commenter says "Mack Brown did the only thing he could. Still, it is disturbing that a prestigious university would admit a student like that, obviously because he can play football."

This is someone who has no idea of how the minority sports stars that colleges admit behave. Hint: it frequently goes beyond mere speech. But it goes to show, once again, that the Sixties generation that made the long march through the institutions became totalitarians when they arrived.

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