Problem For U.K Coverup Of Mariam Moustafa Death: Egypt Cares About Its Daughters.
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As John Derbyshire alerted us to on Friday in White (Egyptian) Girl Beaten To Death By Ten Black Girls In Britain–MSM Suppresses the March 14 death of 18-year old Mariam Moustafa from injuries inflicted on February 20 by a group of Black “British” women has been receiving the full scale repression treatment by the British Deep State. Egypt Today reported the day after her death Amid lack of information, western media reach to Egypt’s websites:

Until Thursday, March 15 in the morning, only three British newspapers including the local paper of Nottingham highlighted the incident despite it took place on February 20.
Unfortunately for the Brits however Moustafa came from a country which has not accepted that harvesting of a proportion its young women is the entitlement of Browner and Blacker population elements – unlike the UK, Germany, Sweden - and America.

The killing has become a major political issue in Egypt and a search of Egypt Today’s articles on the subject produces significant information on the cover-up:

The victim’s lawyer, said that by Moustafa’s death, the case defined itself as a murder case. He also pointed out that the hospital’s report did not name Moustafa as a victim of an assault…

“The British police officers are not taking the investigation seriously for a reason we don’t get. The cameras are suppose to be working and all of the ten women have been captured; however, none of them were arrested until now,” he said.

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Mariam Moustafa's tragedy: Here's what you need to know by Mohamed Zain Egypt Today Sat, Mar. 17, 2018

“The cameras” refers to the surveillance cameras ubiquitous in Britain, certainly in a center of a sizable city like Nottingham. Apparently the police claim they were not working.

Yesterday’s story  Mariam Moustafa: Post-mortem examination into death of Egyptian student 'inconclusive' March 17 2018 on a girl who spent all but a few minutes since the attack in hospital suggests the cover up is continuing.

My guess is that attacks by groups of Black girls are not uncommon in Nottingham, and elsewhere in the U.K. But unlike their British victims, this time they picked on someone whose native Government cares about its daughters.

The usual deliberately negligent response by the British authorities is going to be very embarrassing.

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