Trump Right (Of Course) About Swedish Rape
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H/T rodobrana .org

Trump is right (of course) about Sweden’s rape problem.

The industrious Proprietor of Occidental Dissent  has just put out #SwedenAttack: The Truth About Sweden which carries no less than 11 videos, some rather long, proving in a massively conclusive way that the Muslim influx into Sweden has produced a huge surge in rape.

My own contribution here is ZEROHEDGE/GATESTONE On Sweden’s Summer “Refugee” Sexual Assault Disaster which was  denounced yesterday on VOX.

John Derbyshire’s contribution was Sweden’s Gender-Inclusive Muslim Rapists

Stockholm opened what is believed to be the world’s first rape clinic for men. More and more men are being subjected to homosexual rape in multicultural Sweden
Brenda Walker’s essay is conclusive: How Safe, Low-Crime Sweden Was Sacrificed to the God of Diversity

How wonderful to have a President who knows what is going on.


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