Primary-Fearing Lindsey Graham Takes Sheldon Adelson Job—Stopping Online Gambling!
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L Graham

H/T One Old Vet

It has long been obvious that Senator Lindsey Graham (Scalawag –SC) is a Neocon stooge and a Treason Lobby minion, anxious to do the bidding of the American Left Nomenklatura. That is why he is allowed such ludicrous Sunday Talk Show overexposure. His triggering of the Birthright Citizenship issue in 2010 seems to have been a just blunder.

But a Primary threat has induced him to undertake domestic service with the sleazy Sheldon Adelson – the biggest single threat to the survival of America

Why Does Lindsey Graham Suddenly Care About Online Gambling? A Few Million Possible Reasons Come to Mind By Chris Grove ONLINE POKER REPORT March 3, 2014 reveals

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) confirmed to last week that he is working on a federal bill that would ban regulated online gambling…

…based on his comments to GamblingCompliance, the Senator intends to sponsor legislation similar to the so-called Wire Act “fix” advanced by Sheldon Adelson and the Adelson-backed Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.

Grove goes on to amplify the story under the sub headline Graham has virtually no previous history with online gambling issue and notes that Graham is in danger of being forced into a lethal runoff -

Anything less than a majority in the primary results in a runoff between the top two vote getters, a suboptimal scenario for Graham in a state where Tea Party supporters – a weak point for Graham - make up 57% of the primary pool.

The February poll story to which he links despite its dishonest headline disclosed that Graham has only a 45% share of likely GOP voters. Grove surmises

Graham would likely be willing to spend, and therefore raise, whatever it takes to avoid a potentially bruising runoff election. Campaign finance disclosure reports for the current quarter are due April 15th, 2014.

Of course Graham has tons of money and the support of the Treason Lobby -owned South Carolina GOP Establishment – Conservatism Inc personified.

But he is obviously scared of the Primary.

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