Names Are Destiny In American Politics
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Names Are Destiny In American Politics

A hat-tip to The Daily Caller for finding a website, “How Democratic Is Your Name?” that calculates the percentage of Democrat vs. Republican voters with certain names. The website works by running a tally of registered voters with a given name and comparing that figure with party registration.

 One big name for Democrats is Fidel, as in you know who. Of the 15,427 voters with the same name as Cuba’s Communist dictator, 72.8 percent are Democrats. And 81.2 percent of the 60 registered voters named Saddam are, again, Democrats. A whopping 72 percent of the 15,745 voters named Benito are also ... Democrats, as are 73 percent of the 75 voters named Genghis. The DC made a sport as well of the Democrats named Adolf: 51.5 percent of 1,559 registered voters. 

Just for grins, I tried Nero. Of the 204 voters who share the handle of the fiddling Roman emperor, 77 percent are Democrats. Human torches anyone? 

On a more serious, note, 87 percent of the 1,486 Rayshawns are, you guessed it, Democrats, as are 77.3 percent of the 87,635 voters named Andre, 85.9 percent of the DeAndres, 83.6 percent of the Marquises and 84.7 percent of the Antwawns. So are 88 percent of the Daequans.

Hispanic names run the same way: 73.4 percent of the Juans are Democrats, along with 72.5 of the Pedros, 68.8 percent of the Pacos, 73.6 percent of the Hectors, 72.9 percent of the Ramons, 66.9 percent of the Jaunitas and 72 percent of the Carmens.

We can go on, but you get the idea. 

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