Patriots Marshalling To Challenge Lindsey Graham
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H/T One Old Vet

In the spirit of Peter Brimelow’s Dr Gene Nelson/Rep Kevin McCarthy Rally blog. I note via One Old Vet Breitbart’s story Tea Party Group to Hold Event for Lindsey Graham Challengers by Matthew Boyle 30 Aug 2013

In Spartanburg, SC on Labor Day, national Tea Party activist Dustin Stockton’s Western Representation PAC will be holding a classic car contest and candidate forum for all the Tea Party candidates running against Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in the state’s Republican primary, Breitbart News has learned.

Richard Cash, Nancy Mace, and state Sen. Lee Bright will each attend the candidate forum.

As one of the NeoCon’s key assets, Graham will be lavishly funded in any Primary. I see the story immediately attracted a noisy Troll abusively screaming that any eviction of Graham would give the Democrats the seat. This was well answered by ‘ThrowOffSuchGovt

Democrat you say. Ok, Fair enough but how would Graham be different than a Democrat? Graham wants to grant amnesty to 30million illegals, Graham has no desire to stop the implementation of obamacare, Graham has no desire to stop wasteful gov't spending…Graham believes in raising taxes and has never held obama's feet to the fire on any type of job creation.... If Graham is a Republican, Please, please, please give me a Democrat! At least we'll be able to see the knife coming from the front.

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