President Kushner Sabotages DACA Repeal
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The Trump Administration, fresh of a major defeat in the Supreme Court over the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), has shot itself in the foot over the avenue that Chief Cuck John Roberts gave the Administration in his lawless decision.  Basically, all the Administration has to do is follow the Administrative Procedure Act (APA); present a notice of proposed rulemaking, allow 30 days of public comment, and then the rule or regulation comes into effect.  Very simple, but thanks to Deep State saboteurs lying to the President, obviously led by Jared Kushner, with support from the Resistance in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), led by Chad Wolf, that very simple and quick procedure to end DACA has been sabotaged.


Chad Wolf, Deep State Saboteur

According to Secretary Wolf, DACA will be repealed in six months, which means if they start in July, as June only has 7 more days left, it will be January 2021 before DACA is ended, but likely later, as it will take a least a month for the proposed regulation or rule to be prepared for public comment.

The Trump administration is determined to end the Dreamers program that protects immigrants who entered the United States illegally as children within the next six months, the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security said on Sunday.

The Trump administration views the programs as unlawful and the U.S. Supreme Court – which last week ruled against the Trump administration’s plan to end it – did not disagree, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf told NBC’s “Meet the Press”.

“At no point in that decision did they say that the program was lawful. They simply didn’t like the rationale and the procedures that we used,” Wolf said.

[Trump Administration Aims To End Dreamers Immigration Program In Six Months, unattributed, Reuters, June 21, 2020]

Worse yet, saboteur Wolf stated that the amnesty for DACA recipients, despite the program being illegal, will continue with renewals during that six month period. Which means that DHS will be issuing illegal two-year work permits to illegal aliens, which means that the last DACA work permit will not expire until 2022.

Wolf told CBS’s “Face the Nation” the administration would keep renewing visas for the people covered by the popular program while seeking a way to permanently end it.

President Kushner has also decided that upping the ante will not be in the cards by having the President himself end the program by Executive Order, which carries more weight than an administrative memorandum, by which DACA was created, and how which it was initially ended.

Asked if Trump had ruled out ending the program through an executive order, Wolf said the administration would continue to press Congress to find a solution.

An Executive Order is not bound by the APA as it is not a rule making or regulatory action, but action by the President himself acting as the Chief Executive at the height of his power under Article II of the Constitution.  The solution, of course, is just begin deportations, just let the DACA illegals keep their work permit it in the mean time.  Nothing in the SCOTUS decision prohibited or restricted exercising prosecutorial discretion, in this case discretion to start deportation proceedings.  Let the deportations commence!

So, at every point where there is space for action to end DACA, the Trump Administration, undoubtedly based on faulty legal and administrative implementation advice from saboteurs, has acted to restrict itself.  Personnel is policy, and this is how Donald J. Trump has sabotaged himself.  Sad.

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