Poll: Even Democrat Voters Don't Want Amnesty
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Unless the person who writes the poll questions tries really hard to make it sound reasonable, (what Steve Sailer call "Pollanganda" )something like 70 percent of the American people are opposed to both amnesty and mass immigration. Naturally, that includes a lot of Democratic voters.

While politicians of both parties support mass immigration for different reasons, it's obvious that only the Democratic Party will gain by mass immigration in the long run. But...and it's a big but, it won't be Democratic voters who gain, but Democratic politicians. They'll have secure jobs. Their constituents, and the people who vote for them, won't.

The Democrats's base includes members of the white working class, African-Americans generally,and Hispanic-American citizens who vote. Amnesty and mass Mexican immigration is bad for all those groups.

This latest poll, below, shows that Democrat voters know this, even if Harry Reid and Barney Frank don't.

Dem poll finds tepid support for immigration bill Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle

June 20, 2007

Washington — A new Democratic poll released Tuesday could spell trouble for the big Senate immigration bill scheduled for another key procedural vote later this week.

With even Democratic voters feeling lukewarm about the compromise legislation, conservatives ratcheted up their attacks on Tuesday, and supporters countered with rallies and prayer breakfasts in what both sides believe will be the last attempt to change the nation's immigration laws until after a new president is elected.

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