So, What Should Elon Musk Do With Twitter?
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He’s spending $44 billion on it, so I presume he has some plans. But now’s your chance to make suggestions.

Maybe Twitter will now give Charles Murray a blue check and let the Babylon Bee out of the Gulag?

Personally, I can’t see the regime change at Twitter having much, if any, effect on what I tweet. Many people assume that if I daresay X in public, then I must really be saying XXX in private. But that’s not how I am.

Likewise, I’ve seldom been suspended on Twitter. Offhand, I can recall twice. Once I held out and received an apology from Twitter. Another time I was suspended briefly. While I was in the right, I thought I’d been somewhat obnoxious so I didn’t protest.

On the other hand, my number of followers on Twitter grew very slowly over the years. I presume steps were taken. Ever since Musk announced he was buying Twitter around the beginning of April, my number of followers has increased steadily at a much faster rate than before.

Assuming John Wick didn’t pay $44 billion to his dog-murderers.

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