Peter Brimelow In WND: "Next `Subprime` Crisis, Student Loans, Made Worse By Amnesty/ Immigration Surge"
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Peter Brimelow is in WorldNetDaily, or with a column on the Education Bubble.(Graphic provided by WND)



A brief excerpt

But less well understood is the appalling immiseration of today’s recent college graduates. Some 37 million Americans have outstanding student loans. A quarter owe more than $28,000. Two out of five student loan borrowers become delinquent in the first five years after beginning repayment.

The reason: Having taken on massive debt, recent college graduates face an economy that is particularly difficult for their age group...

Into this difficult economy, the Gang of Eight propose to unleash, not merely the 1.5 million or so college-level illegal aliens who allegedly were brought here by their parents as children – the so-called DREAMers – but an unlimited number of university-trained professionals, even when unemployment exceeds 8 percent.

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