Gang Of 8 Wants Unlimited Immigration Of Graduate Professionals!
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They have something against Ties too?

Continuing, doubtless to be too effective for his career health, the wonderful Neil Munro has produced Immigration bill contains 400 waivers, exceptions and exemptions The Daily Caller 04/18/2013. This goes over the mind-numbing complexity of language in the Amnesty/Immigration acceleration bill about which I noted Daniel Horowitz also complaining.

Actually the article is very funny if you don’t mind losing your country via deception and deviousness.

But at the end of it I read

The new law would increase the inflow by at least 350,000 more workers, and exempt university-trained professionals from immigration caps, even when unemployment is above 8 percent.

(My emphasis)

This is not at all a joke as I noted in Worst Youth Unemployment in 64 Years: Remember Immigration Impact. And the situation is particularly terrible for young University graduates, many saddled by student loans which by some devious trick of Congress are not expungeable in bankruptcy – they can never get rid of these things.

Everyone knows underemployed or unemployed recent graduates. The vicious selfishness of the perpetrators of this measure at the expense of their own countrymen is absolutely breathtaking.

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