Outspoken Great Minds And Demography—Mark Steyn And Derb On The Same Page
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John Derbyshire and Mark Steyn are polymaths, both seemingly able to come up with a thousand deeply-informed and well-considered words on nearly any subject at the drop of a hat.  (And both were medicine ultimately too strong for National Review, of which they are alums.)

So it's interesting when both turn their attentions to an important and controversial subject, such as the demography of immigration.

In one of his current pieces here at VDARE.com, The Sun People Tsunami And The Inevitability Of Lifeboat Ethics, Derb muses:

But what happens when Europeans decide, as they surely will, that while a million or two African and Muslim “migrants” is OK, ten or twenty million is not, and a hundred million is totally out of court? Africa alone easily has a hundred million desperate souls to spare.

All sorts of questions arise. Will the word “racist” continue to be a premier insult when everyone—everyone but a small rearguard of moral-universalist cranks—agrees that our Ice People nations have all the black Africans they can handle?

That blunt realism reminds me of something Steyn wrote [Last Stand of the Old Whmite Males]on July 10, 2015:
America has more Mexicans than anybody needs, and then some. It certainly has more unskilled Mexicans than any country needs, including countries whose names begin with "Mex-" and end in "-ico". And it has far more criminal Mexicans than anybody needs, which is why they make up 71 per cent of the foreign inmates in federal jails.
Great minds think alike.  Especially about immigration!
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