Father: My Son Was Murdered in Cold Blood by an Illegal Alien Criminal
December 18, 2016, 06:00 PM
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One of the early problems facing President Trump after his inauguration will be dealing with sanctuary cities where illegal aliens including violent criminals are protected from prosecution and deportation by liberal governments. Many are doubling down with their pro-crime policy, most egregiously San Francisco, responsible for the preventable deaths of four people during the last decade because of the city protecting dangerous illegal aliens. Certainly President Trump can cut millions of dollars in federal funding to get their attention. But some liberal cities seem really stuck on the upside-down idea that protecting violent foreign criminals from law enforcement is somehow a 21st century version of human rights. Go figure.

Trump spoke often during his campaign about the crime victims of illegal aliens, including in his acceptance speech where he remarked, “Of all my travels in this country, nothing has affected me more deeply than the time I have spent with the mothers and fathers who have lost their children to violence spilling across our border.”

There are likely to be more of those tragic stories yet to come because of so many criminal aliens simply released from prison onto American streets during the current administration. A recent number for criminal aliens on the loose is 820,000: 84 percent with felonies, serious misdemeanors which sounds low after eight years of Obama immigration anarchy, but it’s bad enough.

Sanctuary policies cause pain and death to innocent Americans who deserve better treatment from their government. One example is the murder of 25-year-old Spencer Golvach by a dangerous illegal alien criminal on a killing spree.

Spencer’s father Dan appeared on Fox Business recently to remind Americans of the danger from open borders.

ELIZABETH MacDONALD: First the sanctuary city of Chicago proposed a $1 million legal defense fund to protect illegal immigrants, never asking the taxpayers whether they’re worried about Chicago turning into a magnet for illegal criminals. Now San Francisco doing five times that amount, proposing a $5 million illegal immigrant defense fund. San Francisco town supervisor defending the proposal saying “We are proud to be a sanctuary city. . . we’re going to invest the resources needed to make sure that the 44,000 undocumented people who live in the city get legal representation if they’re taken into court.”

My next guest’s 25-year-old son Spencer Golvach was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported already four times. This illegal immigrant hid in a sanctuary city. Spencer’s father Dan Golvach joins me now. Dan, it’s an outrage and it’s a disgrace what happened with the loss of your son. Quickly, can you please tell the viewers what happened.

SPENCER GOLVACH: January 31st of last year my son Spencer was sitting at a red light less than a mile from his home in the neighborhood I grew up in northwest Houston, and a four-time deported illegal alien that had done five years in prison for attempted murder and had a 15-year rap sheet just pulled up next to Spencer and randomly blew his brains out. He moved on down the road and shot and killed another motorist and then shot yet another motorist and then his last deed was an attempt to kill a Harris County Sheriff’s Department Deputy and fortunately the deputy was able to take him out.

MacDONALD: So then this assailant is dead after being deported four times, he came back and killed your son. Now here’s what’s going on with these sanctuary cities: they’re setting up these two legal defense funds. What are your thoughts on that?

GOLVACH: Well, it’s absurd, listen, sanctuary cities are not legal, they’re unlawful, a threat to national security, they put all Americans at risk — all of us, our children — and it is a direct assault on the loss of this country, and I’m really hoping that any politician that solicits taxpayer funds for the purposes of aiding or abetting or encouraging people from another country to continue disregarding our immigration laws. I think that they should be brought up on charges of obstruction. In my mind it’s treason, but at least obstruction. I’m hoping that Jeff Sessions does that.