NRO Baptist Cucks Hard On Mosque Building
March 24, 2017, 05:38 PM
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If you think neocon Mona Charen’s piece on the absolute wonderfulness of border jumping Mexicans is a laugh, you’ll love the piece that appeared in National Review the other day.

That little gem explains, as the headline put it,Why Baptists Should Support Muslims’ Right to Build Mosques.”

Written by a “lifelong Baptist” you never heard of named Timon Cline, it runs through the litany of persecutions Baptists faced when the religion was newly born in America.

Apparently, Cline hasn’t thought enough about the nature of Islam to conclude that the persecution Baptists will face if Muslims take over will make what happened in the 17 century look like Baptists got the Welcome Wagon.

That’s because Cline’s plea, which NR picked up from Conciliar Post, conflates Islam and the Christian religions, and Muslims with Christians. He takes, apparently, the Theresa May-George W. Bush view of Islam. It is a “great faith.” “Islam is peace.”

Bush was right in one sense. Islam is peace. It is the same peace Margaret Thatcher talked about — words that appeared in NR.

Islam is the “peace of the grave.”