NOTHING About Immigration In Democratic Debate, Because They're All Agreed On Opening The Floodgates
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Steve Sailer has this thing were he does "CTRL+F immigra" on stories about schools or finance or crime which should mention immigration but don't. 

I just did it with the transcript of the Democrats's South Carolina Debate, and there's practically nothing on the subject. Warren mentioned immigration as one of the things she doesn't like about the institution of the filibuster.

Klobuchar said at the end of one speech "Final thing is comprehensive immigration reform. I have passed..." and then the moderator called "Time."

Finally, Sanders mentioned it when he was saying he wasn't "radical." Sanders has a list of things he's saying isn't radical (they are, of course) and he mentioned "immigration reform," which on Democrat stage only means Amnesty, as something that he defied Mayor Pete to say was radical. Aside from that, crickets.

The thing is, they're all agreed on opening the floodgates.

Sanders has said that his first executive act will be to reverse everything Trump has done to protect America, and to do so, he's willing to actually resume terrorist immigration:

Biden wants to increase immigration to two million a year:

And Bloomberg, in spite of being part sane in some ways, has always been crazily pro-immigrant, one of the "Billionaires For Open Borders."

So here's the problem for the Democrats—when they face Trump in the general election, they'll have no idea what to say about immigration in response to his attacks on them, because they'll never have heard any of it before.

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