NEWSWEEK: Trump To Speak At "Hate Group"—They're Talking About The Family Research Council
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Newsweek tweeted this:

They're talking about the Family Research Council, an SPLC target because it opposes various parts of the gay agenda.

Donald Trump To Speak At Hate Group's Annual Event, A First For A President

By Harriet Sinclair On 10/12/17 at 8:35 PM

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President Donald Trump will be the first sitting president to address the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, which the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) described as a “rogues' gallery of the radical right.”

Trump will be the keynote speaker at Friday's event, which will also be attended by his former strategist, Steve Bannon. Other speakers include the founder of anti-Islam group ACT for America and former Trump strategist, Sebastian Gorka.

The anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council, labeled as a hate group by the SPLC, has hosted its annual summit since its inception in 2006. [More]

Because of the SPLC's labeling, the FRC has been attacked not just by the MSM, but by a black, gay man with a gun:
Floyd_Lee_Corkins_II_insert_courtesy_US_Attorneys_office[1]On August 12, 2012, gay black activist Floyd Lee Corkins (right) walked into the Family Research Council’s Washington, DC headquarters and shot a security guard in the arm. Fortunately, the guard survived and disarmed Corkins before he hurt anyone else. However, Corkins admitted his goal was to “to kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.”

When the FBI asked Corkins why he chose the Family Research Council as his target, he answered:

[The] Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups . . .I found them online, did a little research, went to the website, stuff like that”

[FBI Video: Domestic terrorist says he targeted conservative group for being ‘anti-gay’, by Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner, April 24, 2015].

It's the SPLC that's a hate group—the FRC is their victim. As for sitting Presidents addressing a hate group, what about this:

In his 2015 speech to the NAACP, Obama blamed white society for black crime, which leads (obviously) to blacks going to prison more than whites, saying:

Because the statistics on who gets incarcerated show that by a wide margin, it disproportionately impacts communities of color. African Americans and Latinos make up 30 percent of our population; they make up 60 percent of our inmates. About one in every 35 African American men, one in every 88 Latino men is serving time right now. Among white men, that number is one in 214.

The bottom line is that in too many places, black boys and black men, Latino boys and Latino men experience being treated differently under the law. (Applause.)

I say the NAACP that applauded Obama and his plan to let drug dealers out of prison because they were black is a hate group, and Obama was certainly a sitting President. (See Look Who's Talking: NAACP Calls The Tea Party Racist by Pat Buchanan in 2010.)The Family Research Council is not a hate group—it's a hated group.



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