New York's 8th Grade Social Studies: Black History Painted Red
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My son reports that his eighth grade social studies/humanities teacher’s notion of teaching about World War II, is to teach about the horrors of internment camps and the atom bomb. You see, in World War II, America was the bad guy.

She has also taught that FDR “proved” that Herbert Hoover’s “trickle-down economics” was false.

I explained to him that socialists and communists have said the same thing about every Republican president over the past 80-odd years.

I knew this was coming, back in the fall, when I met with her on parents’ night. She explained to me about how the Harlem Renaissance was the high point of American culture, and she was focusing on it, so the kids would get to read higher-quality literature. In other words, she thinks that racist hacks like Langston Hughes were the best American literature has had to offer.

He used to write beautiful essays, but now has no interest in doing good work. He just scribbles and hands in a sloppy, grammatical and style error-filled piece of propaganda as quickly as he can. And I’m not about to ride him hard, under the circumstances. What am I supposed to say, “This is low-quality propaganda. Re-write it!”?

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