Hoover And The Historians
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September 22, 2010, 12:52 AM
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This is from a Mental Floss item on presidential biographies, via CNN:

Longest takedown of FDR ...Herbert Hoover doesn`t get much love from historians, but he certainly stood up for himself. After leaving office in 1933 after what`s generally agreed was a fairly disastrous stint, Hoover needed 18 years to crank out the first tome of his mammoth three-volume memoir.
His main goal? Explaining why his presidency wasn`t really a failure and bashing the policies of his successor, Franklin Roosevelt. Among Hoover`s most memorable smears of FDR: "The effort to crossbreed some features of Fascism and Socialism with our American free system speedily developed in the Roosevelt administration."
Take that, New Deal!

Well, yes, the that`s the point. The Fascist and Socialist roots of the New Deal were remarked on at the time, not only by Republican critics, but New Deal officials. See John T. Flynn`s The Roosevelt Myth, or more recently, Jonah Goldberg`s book Liberal Fascism.

You can read all of Hoover`s 1952 Biography online [PDF, 5MB] but to grasp the failure of the New Deal to get America out of the Depression, all you need is the title:Memoirs: The great depression, 1929-1941.

What`s my point? My point is that the world is full of people who know no history at all. It never occurred to the author of that item that the reason that Hoover doesn`t get much "love from historians" is that most such  historians are New Deal Democrats themselves.