Network Solutions Attempt To Cancel Egged On By Black Lady "Civil Rights" Lawyer
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See, earlier: Richard Spencer's Website ( De-Registered At The Request Of Black Lady "Civil Rights" Lawyer

We have been “canceled “ by Network Solutions, the domain name registrar. A registrar is, without being technical, how you can see this page when you type into the URL bar above. (See BREAKING: Network Solutions Driving to the Dark Web? by Lydia Brimelow—you can donate to support us here.)

This was startling enough that it was linked to on the Drudge Report: "Online Registrar Threatens To Drop anti-immigration website."

The reason for this is apparently pressure from Kristen Clarke, JD [Tweet her], who runs something called the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which is a weird name for something that concentrates on violating other peoples' free speech rights, helping illegal aliens to vote, and protecting the "right" to riot.

Ms. Clarke boasted about this attack on us to the Associated Press:

In April and in May, the head of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law sent letters urging Network Solutions to drop VDARE. Kristen Clarke, the Washington, D.C.-based group’s president and executive director, wrote that VDARE peddles “anti-immigrant and anti-Black hate,” spreads misinformation about the coronavirus and encourages violence against migrants.

“This is part of our ongoing work to confront the ways in which hate activity festers online,” Clarke said Monday. “We know that many white supremacists and extremists are not organizing in basements. They are using these platforms and websites to spread their dangerous ideologies, target victims and incite violence.”

In Friday’s response to Clarke, a company attorney said VDARE’s content “does not represent the values of our organization” and violates its “Acceptable Use Policy.” The policy bars customers from using its domains “to display bigotry, racism, discrimination, or hatred in any manner whatsoever,” the same company attorney said in a letter to a VDARE lawyer last week.

VDARE founder and editor Peter Brimelow said his site’s content hasn’t changed in the 20 years that it has been a Network Solutions customer.

“Censorship is just intensifying,” he wrote in an email on Monday. “We’re still working on a replacement, but there is certainly a chance we’ll have to go dark for at least a couple of days. And anyway we have no confidence that any US-based site will stand up to the PC lynch mob for long.”

Online registrar threatens to drop anti-immigration website

An internet registrar is threatening to delist a website that is a leading promoter of white nationalist and anti-immigration views

By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN Associated Press, June 22, 2020

Now it's crazy to say that we're inciting violence in the middle of a massive nationwide outbreak of anti-white rioting. Are we smashing windows? No, that's Black Lives Matter rioters. Are we looting? Black Lives Matter rioters again.

Are we toppling statues of the honored dead and national heroes? I believe that's Black Lives Matter rioters.

If Network Solutions wants something to cancel because they display "bigotry, racism, discrimination, or hatred in any manner whatsoever," let them cancel ...or Ms. Clarke's

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