BREAKING: Network Solutions Driving to the Dark Web?
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Dear Reader,

This is very serious—if you do not take action, you may no longer be able to read very soon.

This Monday, June 15th, Network Solutions, our domain name registrar, suddenly gave us 10 days’ notice of its intention to terminate our account, after some 20 years. It gave no specific reasons beyond alleged violations of its Acceptable Use Policy, but said “we consider your continued use of our services a serious issue and risk to our business and corporate reputation.”

What does this mean and what can you do?

A domain name registrar handles the reservation of web addresses. Without registration, would be inaccessible on normal web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Thanks to our patriotic donors (join them here!), has pursued its mission of America First non-profit journalism unchangingly since we opened on Christmas Eve, 1999.

So why are we being kicked off Network Solutions now? Because the political environment has changed. The Left’s Reign of Terror is intensifying. It is desperate to keep the immigration issue out of public debate until it succeeds in Electing A New People.

Network Solutions is only the most recent example corporate complicity in the suppression of Free Speech across America. But it’s perhaps the most shocking. To my knowledge, withdrawal of registrar services has never happened to a site as mainstream as

Moral: No one is safe.

No access to 

Of course, we’re fighting back. We will never kneel. Our lawyer has challenged Network Solutions. And my team and I are actively searching for an alternative registrar solution. We hope we will find one. But we know it is likely only a matter of time before the new company caves under Antifa pressure, too.

In other words, it’s not impossible now that will indeed ultimately lose registrar services altogether. If that happens, you will NOT be able to access VDARE at the normal "" address!

Introducing the TOR browser: We hope we can find a way to avoid that. But we do urge you to prepare for this terrible day NOW.

If we fail to find a new domain registrar, the ONLY way you will be able to continue reading is via the “Dark Web”—using the TOR browser. But the connotations drawn from the moniker "Dark Web" are misleading. 

TOR is an internet browser focused entirely on user privacy and security, protecting users from having their internet history analyzed for information based on interests and behavior. TOR is also the browser used to access websites that are not indexed by web search engines, not served by domain registrars or that are vulnerable to harm by autocratic governments and other bad actors. We suggest TOR to readers as a prudent workaround in this threatening time.

The most important thing for you to do right now is to save this address: 


It's’s TOR address. Our entire website is already mirrored there.

IMPORTANT: Your action items

Start Using TOR

  1. Download and install the TOR browser, or open a private window using TOR on the Brave browser
  2. Save VDARE's TOR address: f2vfjp3jc37gxgn4hum4uf2bhi2w3kp4jbzdwegrn6bvtezbhminobid.onion
  3. Enter the TOR address in the TOR browser and save it as a bookmark!

Make Sure You Get Our Emails!

  1. If you have not already done so, sign up for our e-bulletin. If you are a member of our e-bulletin community, you will always know by email where and how to find us.
  2. Subscribe to our VDARE Quarterly print magazine. In a worst case scenario, patriots are still allowed to use the mail.

PLEASE Donate to!

  1. We are determined that these attacks will not take down. But it takes resources for us to defend ourselves—and America. We are funded entirely by donations from readers like you. All donations are tax-deductible. For more information, visit

The situation is grave—but not hopeless. Please educate yourself how to use the censorship-resistant technology of TOR. If you need technical assistance, please DO write or call us, we will help you. We will post this explanation permanently on our site, and add a TOR icon to our menu bar.

The link between you, reader, and ourselves must not be cut by our enemies.

For the American Nation—for freedom!

Yours sincerely,

Lydia Brimelow and the Team
[email protected]


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