Air Supremacy Phase of Brooklyn's Turf War Underway Nightly
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Say you are a Brooklyn gentrifier who is opposed to private gun ownership. But with the police pulling back, you went and got a dog. You now love your puppy very much, but he doesn’t love the nightly fireworks barrage. From the New York Post:

Brooklyn BP Eric Adams urges community not to call 311, 911 for fireworks
By Tina Moore and Tamar Lapin June 21, 2020 | 9:45pm | Updated

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on Sunday addressed the skyrocketing use of illegal fireworks in the city — and urged New Yorkers not to report the blasts so as to avoid “heavy-handed policing.”

Instead of calling 311 or 911, neighbors should “go talk to the young people or the people on your block who are using fireworks” and warn them of the dangers, Adams said at a press conference.

“Stopping fireworks cannot turn into fireworks between the police and the community,” Adams said.

“We want a good community response to dealing with a nuisance,” he continued. “This is a nonviolent act. So those three numbers that we all dial, 911, get over that.”

The “day to day” stopping of illegal firecrackers should come from community members or groups, such as violence-prevention outreach organization Cure Violence, Adams said.

Police should instead focus on stopping the flow of pyrotechnics coming into the Big Apple or to confiscate large quantities, the borough president continued.

Find the Fireworks Kingpins and arrest them! That worked wonders for stopping the flow of drugs over the last half century. After all, you need a Ph.D. in Criminal Mastermindology or gangs’ HR departments won’t even look at your resume.

Anti-cop protesters in the community “can’t have it both ways” when it comes to calling authorities to report fireworks, Adams said.

“We have left the place of 911 being the response for everything in our city. Now we have to stop talking the talk, and walk the walk,” Adams said.

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