National Press Club Director Bill McCarren, Who Cancelled Alt Right Press Conference, Deletes Anti-Alt Right, Pro-Clinton Tweet
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The director of the National Press Club, Bill McCarren, [Email him] apparently tweeted (from @mccarrennews) and deleted this:


McCarren is the director of the National Press Club, the formerly non-partisan organization that cancelled a "What Is The Alt Right?" press conference allegedly over nebulous security concerns, in spite of a signed contract.(The press conference has a new venue—sign up through EventBrite to be notified.)

McCarren also retweeted this:


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And this:

So we can see that McCarren agrees with Hillary in hating the Alt Right, but it seems to me that he's hating them from a Republican point of view. Another thing he retweeted:

Knowing all that, is it possible that the Press Club's decision to cancel the press conference to be held by Peter Brimelow, Richard B. Spencer, and Jared Taylor is an act, not just of bigotry and hatred against their politics, but of a #NeverTrump Republican  trying to sabotage a particular candidate in a national election? Email and ask.


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