More Vote Fraud In Hispanic Texas
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The Rio Grande Valley was the epicenter of the massive influx of illegal aliens in the summer of 2014, which continues to this day.  The Rio Grande Valley is also the most Hispanicized part of Texas, and, accordingly, is the most corrupt part of Texas, save perhaps the black areas of Houston and Dallas.  And the pernicious influence of Hispanics on electoral system continues.
 KRVG January 29, 2015

Fraud Allegations Prompt Lawsuit in Donna ISD Election

A new lawsuit outlines several types of fraud allegedly committed during the Donna Independent School District November election.

Frankie de los Rios, the candidate who filed the suit, said the election results should be tossed out.

De los Rios lost the race for place 7 on the DISD board by just 15 votes. He demanded a recount.

De los Rios said people who didn't live in the district had voted in the election. Those allegations have grown greatly since then.

The lawsuit now alleges a laundry list of fraud.

In addition to non-residents voting in the election illegally, the lawsuit claims that campaign workers assisted voters in the voting booth. Those voters didn't ask for or need any help.

De los Rios' attorney said elderly voters are targeted for this kind of fraud.

"The campaign will have somebody that picks them up and drops them off at the polls. They have someone stationed at the polls who escorts the voter into the booth and instructs the voter to say they want assistance even though they don't need assistance,” Attorney Jerad Najvar said.

The lawsuit also alleges that many mail-in ballots should be tossed because voters received assistance when they didn't want it or need it. The suit also alleges that those who helped weren't eligible to do so.

The lawsuit also alleges that felons were allowed to vote.

Najvar successfully overturned a Weslaco city commissioner election based on voter fraud. He hopes to start a trend. One of the major impacts of immigration is the importation of corruption.  Immigrants rather than assimilate, import the most pernicious aspects of their cultures, and Mexico has massive public and electoral corruption.
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