More Hispanic Corruption On The "American" Side Of The Border
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The extent of the corruption among Hispanic politicians and law enforcement was exposed, again, during a sentencing hearing for Patricia Medina in the infamous Rio Grande Valley, the poorest, most corrupt, most Hispanic part of the United States. It's the brown run border, a Hispanic equivalent of black run disasters like Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.
Breitbart July 28, 2014 by Ildefonso Ortiz
Accusations Of Favors To Mexican Drug Lords By Texas Sheriff's Office Surface In Hearing
MCALLEN, Texas—Accusations about Mexican drug traffickers receiving favors from Texas cops and rampant bribery were made by a former sheriff’s commander during the sentencing of another high ranking member in one of South Texas’ largest law enforcement agencies.
On Thursday, former commander Jose Padilla took the stand during the sentencing hearing of former Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Chief of Staff Patricia Medina where he claimed to have taken $260,000 from Mexican drug lord Tomas “El Gallo” Gonzalez and giving about $150,000 to former sheriff Lupe Trevino directly or through Medina while keeping $90,000 in dirty money. The moneys were collected during a three year period and passed off as campaign donations, he claimed. “It was all for the sheriff,” Padilla claimed, saying that the amounts of money were an estimate because since it was all done in cash there was no trace. Padilla’s credibility came into question during the hearing which went on for more than two hours.
And it is not just corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials, the extent of corruption reached down to the lowest level of Hispanic society in the Rio Grande Valley.  (h/t Election Law Center)
KVEO News Center 23 July 17, 2014 by Na'Tassia Finley (And she is white, no kidding)
Six Women Arrested On Voter Fraud Charges
CAMERON COUNTY, TX (KVEO NEWSCENTER 23) — The six Cameron County people facing charges related to obtaining illegal votes, have been identified, and more arrests are possible, Na'Tassia Finley has more on what these arrests could mean for keeping future elections clean.
Mary Helen Flores, CAVA President, "These arrests are having a huge impact towards cleaning up elections in Cameron County.
Six women have been arrested on a variety of charges, all tied to obtaining illegal votes during the 2012 local election in Cameron County.
CAVA President Mary Flores has been working for about four years now to clean up the political corruption in the county. She says CAVA became suspicious that a group was out there harvesting votes after numbers didn't add up, "We did our work right after the 2012 primaries when we started seeing the numbers of mail-ins were disproportionate. We found that what they did, when we interviewed the voters, was they requested applications on behalf of the voter without the voter's request. They came and took the ballots and carried envelopes from the voter many times before the voter filled out the ballot , they took the ballot and mailed it themselves and that's against the law."
Take a look, these are the faces of a brown run border.
 Former sheriff Lupe Trevino
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