Movement Conservatism: Lions Led By Sheep
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Bob Weissberg, the Dissident Right’s Happy Warrior, has a good piece up at American Thinker today.

Abstract:  Movement conservatism is led by pussies.

Leaders on the right generally lack courage, and this deficiency undercuts enthusiasm.  Few are inclined to follow a spineless functionary into battle.  Alexander the Great explained it perfectly: an army of sheep led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a sheep.  I cannot think of a single conservative leader or organization that could be, even slightly, characterized as lion-like “courageous.”  Energizing the troops has come to mean enticing big donors to open their wallets.[A Movement Led by Sheep, February 8, 2015]
There are, Bob notes, major political issues—affirmative action, welfare abuse, “disparate impact” baloney, and of course immigration—on which public opinion is strongly conservative, but which mainstream conservative candidates are too timid to touch.

These issues lie there like hundred-dollar bills on the sidewalk, waiting for some conservative candidate to pick them up.  Nobody does; and so the Left wins all the arguments by default.  Bob:

Chronic cowardice only emboldens the left to bully conservatives.  Al Sharpton and company know that the right almost universally has no stomach for being picketed by chanting rent-a-mob demonstrators carrying homemade signs.  Think about it: prestigious think-tanks with multi-million-dollar budgets, staffed by dozens of Ph.D.s, totally intimidated by a bunch of semi-literates.
Read the whole thing at American Thinker.
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