Michael Reagan`s Shameless Attempt to Use President Reagan`s Memory to Encourage GOP Hispandering
November 27, 2011, 05:45 AM
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Michael Reagan, adopted son of Ronald Reagan, has been utilizing his late father`s reputation for years, and presents himself as some sort of spokesman for "What Reagan would Do/Think about XYZ Subject in the News".

In that vein, Michael Reagan was on  Fox News shamelessly trading off his father`s memory to encourage the Republicans to pander to Hispanics.  Michael Reagan went so far as to say (that his father would say) that if the GOP doesn`t get the Hispanic vote it will wind up "on the ash heap of history".

In the Fox interview (you can watch it here) Michael Reagan has this to say:

“He [Ronald Reagan] would [have] supported probably Newt Gingrich`s position on immigration. My father never would have broken up a family to try to make in fact a point on immigration, and so he would have applauded Newt Gingrich on that, but there was a lot of applause to go around from Ronald Reagan or myself, watching last night`s debate. “

Let`s face it - Reagan`s signing the 1986 amnesty was a major error.  So let`s learn from that mistake and not make it even worse.

Contact Michael Reagan here and tell him why amnesty is a bad idea and the "family unification" argument is a phony one.