Illegal Aliens Challenge The Obama Regime
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The charade of the Obama Regime enforcement strategy and administrative amnesty for illegal aliens is again being challenged. But not by RINOs, who apparently have come to terms with it. It is again being challenged by the radical left. But perhaps challenge is too strong a word. More accurately it is part of the kabuki theater between the Regime and the left opposition. Not that the Regime will be putting an ice ax in the heads of its left wing opponents. But it is managing the crisis much like Stalin, giving it cover to move further left, implementing and expanding the amnesty.

But back to the story. Two Mexican illegal aliens purposely had themselves arrested. They turned themselves in to a Border Patrol station in Alabama. At first one would think that these two clowns are the perfect immigrant to deport, not too bright. But there is a method to their madness.

The Washington Examiner November 26, 2011 Jay Reeves

Alabama Immigration Arrests Highlighting Obama Policy

Two men visiting Alabama to protest the state's tough new law on illegal immigration walked into a U.S. Border Patrol office and said they were in the country illegally, resulting in their arrest. They remain in federal custody more than two weeks later awaiting deportation proceedings.

And abject embarrassment from the Border Patrol for arresting two illegals.

Border Patrol officials said they were only doing their job in arresting Isaac Barrera, 20, and Jonathan Perez, 24, Mexican men who lived in California before coming to Alabama to demonstrate against the state law.

"We'd be violating the law if we didn't," said Randall Baldwin, an assistant chief in the New Orleans office.

But activists are trying to use the cases of Barrera and Perez to highlight what they say are unjust immigration practices at the federal level as demonstrations and lawsuits continue over the state's controversial crackdown.

And yes they are. Two potential beneficiaries of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, these two DREAMsters are the perfect candidate for the administrative amnesty. Young, been here years, probably high school graduates. Like Rosa Parks sitting on a bus, these two are a deliberate challenge to the Obama Regime, which will have to decide whether to go left and release them, or make an example of them for the upcoming Presidential contest. We will learn much about the regime when that decision is made. Most likely they will soon be released. Stay tuned.


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