Lynching George Zimmerman—Overwhelming America’s Historic White Majority
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The Obama White House continues to incite the lynching of George Zimmerman, although he has not even been charged in the death of Trayvon Martin—yet. And with typical uselessness, the Righteous Right has rolled over on its back like a spaniel.

On the Sunday morning CNN talk show State of the Union, White House spokesman David Plouffe doubled down on President Obama’s controversial comments on the case, calling GOP Presidential contenders Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum’s wimpy criticisms “reprehensible” and an appeal to [white?!!!??] “people’s worst instincts”. [Transcript]

On ABC’s The Week, George Will, perhaps the prototypical Main Stream Media [MSM] professional token conservative, took refuge in condemning Florida’s “Stand Your Ground”  law—designed to avoid the crazy cases where homeowners have gone to jail for resisting burglars. He did, however, caution that the MSM and “certain well-known agitators” ended up looking like fools in the Duke Rape Hoax.

For it’s not just blacks and white Lefties who are spouting this false narrative. Sean Hannity has sounded just like the liberals on his radio and TV show—though, like Will, he has dutifully intoned that we still need all the facts.  And that’s essentially the line Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have parroted also.

National Review’s ignominious contribution to the issue: a now-notorious column by Editor Rich Lowry titled “Al Sharpton is Right.”

As it happens, of course, the shooter, George Zimmerman, is Hispanic. According to reports, Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, had a head wound and was heard screaming for help prior to shooting Martin. Zimmerman claims the boy attacked him from behind after trying to walk away from the confrontation. Over the weekend, a new witness surfaced who seemed to corroborate this. [Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman, Fox Tampa, March 23,  2012]

Almost none of this has been mentioned in the MSM coverage. And the facts certainly don’t trouble the black race advocates and Leftist journalists who are hyping the case:

  • Black radio host Joe Madison called the case a “hate crime” and claims, “In America, we are culturally conditioned to believe that white is superior, black is inferior. The manifestation of that cultural valuing is that black people are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized.”
  • MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, perhaps remembering his glory days of the Crown Heights Riots and Tawana Brawley fraud, told a rally of angry blacks, “Some people said to me in the media — ‘Let me get this straight,’ they said. ‘Reverend, it seems like there’s a lot of people who are angry — are you afraid of violence?’ I said, ‘No. I’m afraid of the violence you already had.’”

“Violence is killing Tray Martin,” Sharpton continued. “Don’t act like we are the ones [who are] violent. We didn’t shoot nobody.” [Sharpton emcees racially-focused Sanford rally, warns against use of violence [!!!], by Matthew Boyle, March 22, 2012]

  • Louis Farrakhan took to his Twitter account to tweet, “Where there is no justice, there will be no peace. Soon the law of retaliation may very well be applied.”
  • Jesse Jackson claimed the shooting proves blacks are under attack. "Targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business." [Trayvon Martin case: 'Blacks are under attack,' says Jesse Jackson, By Rene Lynch, LA Times, March 23, 2012]
  • MSNBC host and Democratic strategist Karen Finney blamed Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich – among others – for the killing. [Video at]

These claims are even more jarring given a recent case where the roles were reversed. In 2006, a black Long Island man, John White, shot an unarmed white teen, Daniel Cicciaro, 17, who had come to his house to fight his son. But in December 2010, black New York Governor David Patterson commuted the sentence of White, who had served a mere 5 months for the killing.

None other than Al Sharpton who came to the defense if his co-racialist and applauded Gov. Patterson for letting White off.

 Needless to say, this issue remained strictly local—with no marches, rallies or Presidential demands for justice for the unarmed white teen. Paterson commutes sentence of man who killed teen,  WABC,  December 23, 2010.

This is fundamental question: even if Trayvon Martin were attacked because he was black, why has it become a national issue?

Whites (and other non-blacks) are robbed, raped and murdered by blacks on a daily basis—with barely an eyebrow raised in the Main Stream Media or by politicians and race activists.

In the same time period as the Trayvon Martin incident, a multitude of anti-white attacks by blacks occurred that remained strictly local news.

No Marches For Them?

  • Haley Pettersen, a 15-year-old white girl in a leg cast  in O’Fallon, Illinois was out walking her dog when she was attacked by two black girls who said, ‘this is our territory white girl.” One girl grabbed Haley by the hair, and the other one started hitting her in the face. The blacks ran off only when some neighbors came out but the attack left Haley with a swollen left eye. [O’Fallon teen attacked near her home, By Jamie Forsythe,, March 19, 2012]
  • In Kansas City, an unnamed 50-year-old white man was left with a fractured hip and other injuries after being beaten by a group of blacks shouting racial epithets. [Man Says Youths Beat Him as Part of Racially Motivated Attack,, March 16, 2012]
  • Gary Allder, a white man in San Antonio, came home to find that his house had been burglarized, ransacked and tagged with racial slurs such as “Die Whitey.” Home tagged with racial slurs, profanity; victim offers reward, by Mayra Moreno, KENS 5, March 7, 2012 

Die Whitey!

  • Travis Eugene Winemiller, 16, a white Polk County, Florida inmate, was beaten, choked and strangled until he was unconscious by three black inmates. They then hogtied Winemiller and said, “this is how you slave a real cracker” and threatened to kill him. 3 teens charged in jailhouse inmate attack ,, February  29, 2012 
  • Jacob Appel, a 15-year-old autistic white boy, was attacked by three blacks at his bus stop in Palm Bay, Florida. The blacks taunted, used racial slurs, and chased the victim into the street where he was nearly struck by a car. The only reason the blacks were caught is that one of the attackers posted the video on his Facebook pagePolice: 3 charged with hate crime after video shows bullying of autistic teen,, February 12, 2012


Unlike the Trayvon Martin shooting, there were clear and obvious signs of racial motivations—for example, racial slurs—in most of these attacks.

Almost all of the black-on-white attacks involved multiple black attackers against white children, the elderly or the handicapped.

Also, unlike the Martin incident, these attacks were strictly local news—and caused no national outrage.

Of course, if President Obama had a son, he would not look like Jacob Appel or Allen Coon. So apparently he did not feel the need to comment on these attacks.

Given Obama’s racially-obsessed history,  perhaps he does not feel too bad about these attacks, assuming he knew about them.

There has certainly been no call for “soul searching” from Obama—or the MSM.

But it is worth asking: why do these every-day, black-on-white and black-on-non-black attacks, not register in the national news?

The rule seems to be that the (almost non-existent) combination of black victim and white attacker will always be fair game for national outrage.

But as the U.S. gets more diverse, Asians and Hispanics like Zimmerman seem set take on the role of honorary whites if they attack a black—even in self defense.

Black-on-black crime can be officially, albeit discreetly, deplored.

But blacks must never be cast as the perpetrators of hate crimes—even though they are easily the most prominent perpetrators of racial violence.

And it is in the interest of a lot of people that this double standard persist—until immigration policy overwhelms America’s historic white majority.

Peter Bradley writes from Washington D.C. He can be reached here.

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