Marxican Insurgency Imagined
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Some of the best work to alarm Americans about the slo-mo invasion is done by our enemies, e.g. open-borders squawk box Tamar Jacoby and May Day demonstrations featuring foreign flags.

Today's example is the fictional work by Raul Ramos y Sanchos, America Libre, about a near-future time in which Mexican squatters act out in a civil war. You can read the first chapter online, and it is mercifully brief.

As the immigration crisis reaches the boiling point, once-peaceful Latino protests explode into rioting. Cities across the nation are in flames. Anglo vigilantes bent on revenge launch drive-by shootings in the barrios, wantonly killing young and old. [America Libre]

Well heck, what can a Aztlan commie do but be revolting? Apparently an armed insurrection follows with the men in sombreros being the good guys. Right.

Incidentally, Mexicans have a country that could do with some revolutionary activity but they don't seem much interested in reforming the society which they profess to love.

Of course, in real life it is Americans who have been victimized by open borders, in particular the thousands killed by drunken and murderous invaders. A few remembered here on include:

    • Missouri college student Nicole Allen died when the car in which she was a passenger was struck from behind by a Lincoln Town Car driven by an inebriated illegal Mexican.

But Mexicans love to play the victim and evidently have begun to believe their own sob-story propaganda since it is frequently regurgitated by the MSM. So the big Mexo-fantasy is to rise up in Marxican rage against the cruel gringos.

Instead, why don't Mexicans imagine replacing the oligarchy of their own wealthy country with a more representative government? Too hard a slog? Or maybe they figure the payoff wouldn't be worth the trouble.


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